Learning music can be fun and exciting. Our school offers MYC piano classes for ages 4 & 5. We also offer professional private lessons. We believe all children are musical.

Why Your Child Should Learn Music at Happy Mozart

  1. 1.We provide a professional teaching environment.
    In addition to offering highly qualified teaching, we provide lessons in a professional teaching environment that will help your child to focus on instruction.  Such distractions as television, pets, ringing phones, and siblings will not disturb students during their scheduled lesson time.  Also, hearing peers who are performing at different levels shows students what is possible if they apply themselves, and is a great source of inspiration.  At our school, lessons are a responsibility that our teachers take very seriously.

  2. 2.We host regular concerts and recitals.
    Student concerts are held at least twice a year.  These concerts provide students with stage experience and help build their confidence as performers.  Our teachers use a variety of training techniques to help students achieve on the stage.  Students also benefit from the opportunity to listen constructively to each other, share musical concepts and feelings, and receive critiques from the many talented teachers at our school.  This is safe environment for a positive performance experience for students of all ages.

  3. 3.We help students like to practice.
    The one and only way to improve in music is to PRACTICE!!!  The drudgery of practicing everyday is a problem that all music students face.  We cooperate with parents to make practicing easier and more enjoyable for students.

  4. Teachers will set practice rules for each student individually.

  5. Parents should set aside the same time everyday for practice so as to make it a part of their child's regular routine.

  6. The school will set up a reward system for younger students to encourage them to practice everyday.

  7. Parents must cooperate with the school to insure their child's success.

  8. 4.We believe learning music can be fun and enjoyable.
    Music should be something that you can enjoy for an entire lifetime.  Please try not to put unrealistic expectations on your child to learn too quickly.  Everyone learns at a different pace, and the most important thing is to enjoy the journey of learning about and making music.

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